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US-9230834-B2: Substrate treating apparatus patent, US-9231185-B2: Method for manufacturing a piezoelectric film wafer, piezoelectric film element, and piezoelectric film device patent, US-9231814-B2: Communication device, method for generating a transport protocol message, and method for processing a transport protocol message patent, US-9234492-B2: Hydroelectric turbine testing method patent, US-9235178-B2: Image processing apparatus patent, US-9237553-B2: Coexistence of priority broadcast and unicast in peer-to-peer networks patent, US-9238193-B2: Separations with ionic liquid solvents patent, US-9241112-B2: Imaging apparatus, imaging method and computer-readable recording medium patent, US-9242359-B2: Fastening tool with dual pneumatic handles patent, US-9243390-B2: Capacitive sensing faucet including a conductive polymer patent, US-9244666-B2: Globally inline a callee with high cost-effectiveness on the basis only of profile information in a call graph patent, US-9245680-B2: Common mode choke coil and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-9246353-B2: Smart dock charging patent, US-9246419-B2: Method and system for controlling motor patent, US-9246543-B2: Smart audio and video capture systems for data processing systems patent, US-9247370-B2: Sound image localization control apparatus patent, US-9247767-B2: Method of manufacturing protein beverages and denaturizing loop apparatus and system patent, US-9249653-B1: Separator device patent, US-9252768-B2: Position-sensing panel patent, US-9253196-B2: Content access control in a social network patent, US-9254850-B2: Rail road car truck with bearing adapter and method patent, US-9255960-B2: Testing structure and method for interface trap density of gate oxide patent, US-9257617-B2: Wavelength converted light emitting device patent, US-9258229-B2: Systems and methods for accessing a multi-bank SRAM patent, US-9259362-B2: Absorbent article with containment flaps patent, US-9260487-B2: AXMI-205 pesticidal gene and method for its use patent, US-9260864-B2: Integrated fiber cement and foam as insulated cladding with enhancements patent, US-9260893-B1: Window lock patent, US-9261473-B2: Non-destructive testing system patent, US-9262403-B2: Dynamic generation of auto-suggest dictionary for natural language translation patent, US-9263245-B2: Amalgam balls having an alloy coating patent, US-9264145-B2: Optical receiver having a chromatic-dispersion compensation module with a multibranch filter-bank structure patent, US-9269088-B2: Method and system of advertising patent, US-9271256-B2: Verifying generic broadcast of location assistance data patent, US-9271984-B2: Treatment of type 1 diabetes patent, US-9272139-B2: Universal closed-loop electrical stimulation system patent, US-9272177-B2: Seated posture abdominal exercise device patent, US-9273236-B2: Aqueous polymer dispersions for adhesives patent, US-9273419-B2: Fluid acquisition layer patent, US-9274854-B2: Contamination based workload management patent, US-9276250-B2: Battery array and battery pack having the same patent, US-9276298-B2: Automatically determining alarm threshold settings for monitored battery system components in battery systems, and related components, systems, and methods patent, US-9280233-B1: Routing for touch sensor electrodes patent, US-9282806-B2: Articulated front accessible backpack patent, US-9285790-B2: Modular pool/spa control system patent, US-9287634-B2: Crimp terminal, connection structural body and connector patent, US-9288751-B2: Use of position data to select wireless access point patent, US-9289146-B2: Apparatus and method for measuring biological signal with multiple unit measurers patent, US-9290522-B2: Functionalised materials, process for the production and uses thereof patent, US-9290926-B2: Cross braced joist hanger patent, US-9292786-B2: Universal balancing controller for lateral stabilization of bipedal robots in dynamic unstable environments patent, US-9293589-B2: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-9294179-B2: Gain normalization correction of PMI and COI feedback for base station with antenna array patent, US-9294245-B2: Method and apparatus for sequence distributing and sequence processing in communication system patent, US-9295402-B1: Methods and systems for assessing a burn injury patent, US-9296080-B2: Glass plate conveying device and beveling apparatus including the same patent, US-9297234-B2: Method and apparatus for wellbore control patent, US-9298704-B2: Language translation of visual and audio input patent, US-9298792-B2: Database synchronization patent, US-9301521-B2: Bee attractants patent, US-9301531-B2: Arthropod pest control composition and method for controlling arthropod pests patent, US-9302990-B2: Fluorination of aromatic ring systems patent, US-9305286-B2: Model-driven candidate sorting patent, US-9305398-B2: Methods for creating and displaying two and three dimensional images on a digital canvas patent, US-9306107-B2: Buffer layer for high performing and low light degraded solar cells patent, US-9306191-B2: Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9306975-B2: Transmitting aggregated information arising from appnet information patent, US-9307167-B2: Image pickup device and image pickup display system for reducing afterimage in image output patent, US-9307418-B2: Systems, methods, and apparatus to monitor mobile internet activity patent, US-9309623-B2: Method and machine for manufacturing paper products using fourdrinier forming patent, US-9312095-B2: Method and system for automating sample preparation for microfluidic cryo TEM patent, US-9313064-B2: Method and apparatus for synchronization in an OFDMA evolved UTRA wireless communication system patent, US-9317560-B2: Alerting users to items of current interest patent, US-9318931-B2: Water pump motor, and water pump using same patent, US-9319847-B2: Method and apparatus of MBMS-based content transmissions in machine-type communications patent, US-9321573-B2: Display package patent, US-9326146-B2: Method for downloading a subscription in an UICC embedded in a terminal patent, US-9327781-B2: Trailer stabilizing jack patent, US-9328945-B2: Air conditioner for vehicle patent, US-9330642-B2: Weighted, gripping drum pillow patent, US-9330730-B2: Drive tray patent, US-9330830-B2: Structure and method for a transformer with magnetic features patent, US-9331918-B2: Link usage patent, US-9332594-B2: Electric induction melting assembly patent, US-9332640-B2: Contact surface arranged on a carrier for connecting to a counter contact surface arranged on a further carrier, and device comprising a contact surface and a counter contact surface connected thereto patent, US-9332973-B2: Needle biopsy device with exchangeable needle and integrated needle protection patent, US-9333650-B2: Method and system for contact detection and contact localization along continuum robots patent, US-9334896-B2: Drive shaft module for a construction machine patent, US-9338278-B2: Determining the distance and/or acoustic quality between a mobile device and a base unit patent, US-9339264-B2: Port access visualization platform patent, US-9339556-B2: Activation of human antigen-presenting cells through dendritic cell lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor-1 (LOX-1) patent, CN-103749929-A: Honey mussel plum and preparation method thereof patent, US-9340834-B2: Method of designing addressable array suitable for detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using ligase detection reaction patent, US-9345711-B2: Methods for acute and long-term treatment of drug addiction patent, US-9346583-B2: Rack construction patent, US-9347829-B2: Integrated nanobeam cavity array spectrometer patent, US-9348111-B2: Automatic detection of lens deviations patent, US-9349896-B2: Solar battery, method for manufacturing solar battery, method for manufacturing solar cell module, and solar cell module patent, US-9351397-B2: Resin composition for printed wiring board material, and prepreg, resin sheet, metal foil clad laminate, and printed wiring board using same patent, US-9351907-B2: Packaging systems and methods patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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